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In the Search for Peace, one must Always Feel the Love – Full Moon in Libra

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The Full Moon in Libra 2018 is happening the 31st of March 2018, at 10° Libra 45’, at 2:38 PM (CEST +2:00), or 7:38 AM (EST -5:00).

This Full Moon in Libra is the fruition of this Lunation, which began with the past New Moon in Pisces. And since the beginning of this cycle, we have all been experiencing upheavals of either professional, social, identity, or relationships character. These have been days of confusion and perhaps a sense of don’t knowing where are we standing now. Sensitivity has been strong.

And now, the cycle is at its climax. Unfortunately, some tension has been building up, and right now we face some strong challenges testing us, either in the professional, social, identity or relationships arena.

This configuration is very powerful, and can be dangerous. There are conflicting issues within ourselves that have come to surface through “situations” in the real world. These conflicts might have to do with desires or fears that we have suppressed and have come into manifestation through different sort of “circumstances” seeming “out of our hands”. They might have to do with our professional choices, relationship choices, or life choices in general. Regrets can also come to manifest.

In any case, it is very important to not lose ourselves. It is very important to keep our priorities as human beings on the table. But the most important thing is to watch out how do we express our conflicts upon our loved ones.

When tension is greater than normal, we can easily lose control and throw our unease negative state into our loved ones. And this is where the danger is (especially during this weekend).

The Full Moon in Libra of 2018 enthralls a very important meaning. To find out what's on the Moon side read the full article and go deep into more detail about this Moon along with all the Astrological Facts going on in our sky. Please visit Mara's blog here.


With the Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces and Leo Rising, Mara de Diego is an Astrology practitioner and a forever learner. Born in Panama, but currently living in Kingston, Jamaica, Mara works with the tropical zodiac, and the Porphyry house system.

Because of her dedication and continuous study she has gained enough experience to perform consultations with people and assess them through her website. If interested on her advice or a Full Astrological Chart Reading please visit

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