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ashtanga yoga in panama


A space for Ashtanga Yoga in Panama

Velez Yoga is a space created for the practice of Ashtanga Yoga in Panama City, Panama by  José Luis Vélez in 2014.  

Been a martial artist since age 15 and having practiced and shared yoga since 2008, José learned the Ashtanga Yoga method from Gilbert Ledezma at It’s Yoga Panamá in 2014.  Since his first encounter with the method he was fascinated with the detailed methodology and counted breath. 
Trusted by his teacher, José Luis started teaching the method at It’s Yoga Panama in 2014, and  having no own shala, Velez Yoga shared space since then at Atmana, El Cuarto Rojo, Casco Yoga and The Casco School.  For 4 years we shared this spaces with deep love and respect.  We met some really awesome and beautiful people along the way.  This was very nurturing for our mutual growth and we will always be thankful for the time shared.
Finally on 2018 Velez Yoga found a place to call home.  Currently based in El Cangrejo,  Jose Luis now teaches Ashtanga Yoga daily in the classical Mysore format at Dharma Ashtanga Yoga Center, a shala he founded on November 11, 2018.

Student of the KPJAYI, Jose Luis Velez has practiced Ashtanga Yoga since 2014 and has been studying under the guidance of R. Saraswathi Jois since 2016. 

He has studied Yoga Philosophy and Sanskrit in Mysore, India with teachers like Lakshmish Bhat at the KPJAYI and Vidvan Prof H.V. Nagaraja Rao from the Mysore University and the Maharaja's Sanskrit College. 

He has also studied Ayurveda with the Vaidya Nixia Lino and Ayurvedic Massage at Suyoga Ayurvedic Massage Center in Mysore. 

Jose travels yearly to Mysore, India, to study, reconnect and learn directly from the source. 



You come take practice.


Our Address:

Dharma Ashtanga Yoga Center

Calle Doctor Alberto Navarro

Edificio Sharon #5, El Cangrejo

Panama City, Panama.


+507 6222 9001

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Samantha Senn

Velez Yoga offers the unique opportunity to learn Ashtanga in a traditional way with an exceptional teacher.

Andreas Meoli

The energy in his class is beyond words.

Sara Fernandez

Excelent, totally recomended.

Manuel Aleman

I've experienced several A-ha! moments during his classes and my practice has evolved thanks to that.

Ricardo Cespedes

The focus on the student's growth is its highest value.

Ingrid Engelhaupt

He will keep you motivated to go on with your practice!



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