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Look confident and comfortable with this new Spark Port-a-mat™ Bag from Spark Sewings @ssaccesoriospty.


This highly durable, triple-stitched canvas bag has an interior lining that makes it a perfect multi-purpose bag to carry your mat to practice, take it to the beach or use it around town.

Measuring 48cm x 38cm x 13cm it has a capacity of 24L (23.71 liters), perfect for carrying several changes of clothes, wallet, cell phone, your water bottle, accessories and much more. Its 24L capacity is not affected by your mat as it is loaded outside. Dual use, dual capacity and excellent durability.


The external mat holder is large and capable of accommodating mats from the PRO, PROLite and Travel ranges, as well as any other mat due to its wide tab and design.

Its thick and wide 6cm thick, triple stitched and double reinforced shoulder straps distribute the weight of the mat and bag load in a balanced and comfortable way so you will hardly feel like you are carrying the mat with you.


Come to Dharma Ashtanga Yoga Center and meet the new Spark Port-a-mat™ Bags by Spark Sewings @ssaccesoriospty in natural, navy blue and black.


Style, capacity and comfort! Spark Port-a-mat™!



Spark Port-a-Mat

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