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The focus of this book is on the essential beliefs of the Hindu religion and not the various rituals. The book is written in plain English to explain the basic precepts of the religion so that one does not get lost in the trivia. You will learn that despite a wide variety of religious practices among Hindus, at the core they believe in One God called OM. The book introduces the reader to the Vedas, the four root scriptures of all Hindu belief. Sanskrit-to-English translation of mantras from one of the most important chapters in the Vedas is included to substantiate the essential beliefs. Correct definition of the words such as mantra, karma, guru, and dharma are provided, which you will find are quite different from their popular usage. The book discusses the likely reasons why Christianity and Islam had limited impact on the Hindu religion in India despite Muslim followed by British rule for almost 1,000 years. Spiritual aspects of the Raj yoga (the eight step yoga) are described to remind that yoga is about union of soul with God and not a collection of physical and/or breathing exercises to promote good health or reduce stress. The aim of this book is to promote truth and help one progress spiritually in his or her personal life journey.


About the Author

Sudhir Anand was born in Punjab, India. He has resided in the United States since 1966. Trained as a physician he is presently a professor of pediatrics at the UCLA School of Medicine. He became interested in the Hindu religion at an early age and studied the religion from several eminent teachers. During his college years in India, he spent time in a Gurukul, a Hindu monastery, furthering his understanding of the essential beliefs of the Hindu religion. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.

The Essence of the Hindu Religion : With an Introduction to the Vedas and Yoga

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