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Our Search for True Meaning in Work – Full Moon in Virgo

Art: Innan Vinden by Sara Skogsberg

This is one of those times in which the life cycle is guiding us to open our perceptions and free them from self-imposed boundaries and pre-set conditions. The Full Moon in Virgo will reflect the need of the individual to pursue a life of meaning and dedication to an ideal that is aligned with his or her true life purpose.

A time in which we have to work harder. But before working harder towards a specific goal, some people will need to work even harder in order to break free from negativity, from limitations and embrace their real essence. Only after that, work will have a full meaning: both individual and collective.

Sunday 12th of March 2017, the Moon in Virgo is in a flowing aspect with the need for responsibility and work from Pluto in Capricorn. This makes sense, having on mind that Virgo quality by itself demands for work and service.

The Sun-Moon opposition is mediated by Saturn in Sagittarius, who is at 90° from each. So this adds more “responsible spice” to the scenario. Saturn is itself responsibility, integrity, maturity. Saturn is the law, the government, our boss! So there might be a heavier weight upon us that we don’t fully understand, but in a distorted unassimilated way, can cause a great deal of stress upon the individual.

The Moon quincuxes Uranus in Aries, which represents some friction or compulsive behaviour towards the need to do or create things NOW in order to get fast outcomes (impulsive). This is still dragged from the time Mars was dignified in Aries, and now with Venus retrograding in Aries.

Stress is coming from an unknown source. We feel responsible for something. We feel duty towards what we are doing (pardon, what?). We feel duty towards our people, our family, our friends and colleagues. We want to help the other one (but we are even more confused about our own selves).

We feel there is something more we need to do, and we need to do it now! Then anxiety hits in. It is a mutable behaviour that is taking over us, merged with the cardinal need for doing things literally NOW. For seeing results now, for needing to make decisions now, for changing now. But what needs to be changed? We don’t know! Anxiety hits back. And now we also become emotionally reactive! And we don’t even know what’s going on.

So, is it possible? Is this Moon post about needing to feel stressed?

If you want to go deep into a more detailed reading of this Moon along with all the Astrological Facts going on in our sky, please visit Mara's blog here.


With the Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces and Leo Rising, Mara de Diego is an Astrology practitioner and a forever learner. Born in Panama, but currently living in Kingston, Jamaica, Mara works with the tropical zodiac, and the Porphyry house system.

Because of her dedication and continuous study she has gained enough experience to perform consultations with people and assess them through her website. If interested on her advice or a Full Astrological Chart Reading please visit

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