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New Mats from Hugger Mugger!

Nonslip? Check. Eco-friendly? Yup. Easy on the knees? You’ll love the cushion! Take your practice to the next level with this mat’s unmatched stability and support.

This teacher’s favorite features a natural, nonslip surface that brings a more connected feeling to your practice. Each side of this mat provides a different grippy texture, making it excellent for any practice that's enhanced by grip or cushion. You will enjoy this versatile, high-performing surface for years to come!

The rubber plantations of Malaysia and Indonesia provide the material for our Para Rubber Yoga Mats. These sturdy mats are equally sticky on both sides for extra stability. Like a 50,000-mile tire, you'll enjoy your rubber mat for a long time!

Features & Details

Non-slip surfaces on both sides

1/4 inch thickness for excellent cushion

Natural rubber is durable and long lasting

Dimensions: 70L x 24W x 0.25H inches, weight: 6.05lbs

Natural rubber source Comes from non-Amazon rain forest sources


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