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ThetaHealing®️ Basic DNA Seminar Workshop

Martina is hosting a workshop giving you the possibility to learn the ThetaHealing®️ technique.

ThetaHealing is a meditation technique to heal and evolve on a spiritual, mental, and physical level. It helps you to transform blockages, negative thoughts, and limiting belief and change them into something more empowering.

ThetaHealing is a powerful tool that can help you to solve any kind of problems, may it be money, career, relationship, health problems, low self-esteem, anxiety and fears, depression, the search for your life purpose...

Workshop details:

• March 25 – 27, 10am – 5pm

• At Dharma Ashtanga Yoga Center, Panama City

• Investment in yourself: $400

• Book and Course Manual included

• Receive a Certificate from Vianna Stibals Think Institute of Knowledge®️

• No prior knowledge required

What you will learn:

• Getting into a Theta State

• Digging process for self-limiting beliefs & shifting your mindset

• Transform and release blockages, traumas, fears, and any kinds of problems

• Detox your body, clear radiation, and harmonize hormones

• Muscle testing as bio feedback system

• Body scans and intuitive readings

• Manifest your wishes and desires

• And much more...

Full Workshop description and more about ThetaHealing here.

There will be a lot of practical exercises and meeting like-minded souls is guaranteed.

To register and more info, please contact Martina directly via WhatsApp +507 6055 2120


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