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Transformative Shift ~ New Mode of Action: North Node into Leo & Full Moon in Scorpio

Lilith Jessica Ballantyne Velez Yoga Ashtanga Panama
Art: Lilith by Jessica Ballantyne

North Node of the Moon Shifts into Leo

We are now being pulled, collectively and personally, into creative realization. This is Leo.

Eighteen months before, the North Node of the Moon was in Virgo, reflecting a time of personal and collective analysis.

A time about sorting out our ideas and skills. A time of discrimination about what works and is really effective in our lives, discarding what’s left as excessive or unimportant for our evolutionary growth.

And finally, it has been a time for assessing our own personal circumstances and what we need to change or improve in order to align with a future that resonates with our true calling.

Now, with the North Node moving towards Leo, the future is drawn upon how we manifest creatively our full potential as individuals. Upon how we attune with our inner radiance, our inner Sun in the heart.

The Sun, carrier of all the strength and special creative power that each of us have, pushes us to develop this original talent as a way of creative expression, self-realisation and the creation of a brighter future together. What is so special that I have to offer?

We are made of energy. The Sun is part of what we are and vice versa. We have this energy potential to creatively use it.

After eighteen months of refining and polishing, to attain a concept of the future we are aiming to, now is the time to manifest it. To bring it forth and express it. This is fire. This is Leo.

Love who you are, love what you got, manifest it, do it, and share it.

Full Moon in Scorpio

This Full Moon in Scorpio is carrying a mysterious essence inviting us to penetrate into our own souls. Into the darkness inside, a place we never go. It invites us to face and recognise what are our desires, wishes and hopes. But also which our fears are.

If you want to go deep into a more detailed reading of this Moon along with all the Astrological Facts going on in our sky, please visit Mara's blog here.


With the Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces and Leo Rising, Mara de Diego is an Astrology practitioner and a forever learner. Born in Panama, but currently living in Kingston, Jamaica, Mara works with the tropical zodiac, and the Porphyry house system.

Because of her dedication and continuous study she has gained enough experience to perform consultations with people and assess them through her website. If interested on her advice or a Full Astrological Chart Reading please visit

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