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Light on the Exploration for Meaning and Truth – Full Moon in Sagittarius

Claudio Parentela Ashtanga Yoga Panama Moonday Horoscope

This is a time to harness general equilibrium. Especially in the way we approach to our interests. Are we being too flexible and constantly changing? Or are we being too closed with our own points of views?

A curious Sun in Gemini, full of energy to learn, to think and to communicate with others, is shining its light fully upon an opposite passionate Moon in Sagittarius, thirsty for a higher true vision while radiating in pure intuition.

Working in balance with these opposite energies, thought and intuition, curiosity and devotion, implies an exploration in the search of a meaningful ideology, belief or truth to which align with, and with commitment (Saturn conjunct the Moon).

The Sabian Symbol (Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases) for the degree of this Lunation phase describes: “A large archaic volume reveals a traditional wisdom”. We can see the connection between cultivating wide knowledge and building one only idea of truth and wisdom.

The Sun in Gemini and Mercury in Gemini represent open doors for a variety of experiences, knowledge, people and ideas from which to learn (and also teach). It is a proper time for exchange.

But now, the fruition (Full Moon) of this time has arrived and it is lightning up the ever present need for meaning in life. Something truly significant in what we do every day, from the smallest to the biggest of our activities. We might be feeling that after all the learning and explorations of life, we need to align to something which we consider true.

Every new thing we learn helps on forging our own conception or a higher purpose, a vision of truth that we sense with the eyes of intuition.

From the experiences we learn and from the wide diversity of ideas we become exposed to, we can gradually integrate them into one particular vision of our own.

So, during this time, some will be feeling committed to their visions more than ever with enough flexibility to open up for the new updates and improvements in order to refine what there already is.

Others might be involved in too much interests in too much areas, while silently starting to feel the responsibility call from Saturn in Sagittarius to sense and see something special and purposeful in the vast scope of activities and interests they are into; one thing to commit to, with order, structure and maturity.

Others might be starting to feel the pressure of the changing world upon their stubbornness and closed mindset. Some flexibility in their points of views is necessary in order to keep evolving. This can come up as small internal or external crises of emotional nature involving defensive feelings, in which they will start to literally question others, but mainly, themselves.

If you want to go deep into a more detailed reading of this Moon along with all the Astrological Facts going on in our sky, please visit Mara's blog here.


With the Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces and Leo Rising, Mara de Diego is an Astrology practitioner and a forever learner. Born in Panama, but currently living in Kingston, Jamaica, Mara works with the tropical zodiac, and the Porphyry house system.

Because of her dedication and continuous study she has gained enough experience to perform consultations with people and assess them through her website. If interested on her advice or a Full Astrological Chart Reading please visit

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